Saturday, August 23, 2014


 In the three years since I left Bolivia, I have been looking for ways to stay involved with Proyecto Horizonte.  It can seem difficult, because I feel so far away from the kids and families about whom I care so deeply.  What can I do for the people of Bolivia from my home in Santa Barbara, California?  It turns out, it's actually easy to stay involved by holding fundraisers and raising awareness within my own community!
   Last weekend, I hosted a fundraiser for Proyecto Horizonte at a nearby Chili's restaurant.  Setting up the fundraiser, called a Give Back Night, was so easy.  I simply contacted the restaurant, provided them with Bolivian Charity Foundation's tax ID number, and chose a date.  They provided me with custom-made flyers, which I was able to photocopy and hand out around town.  For every group that comes in with a flyer, Chili's donates a portion of the profits from their check!  I went in with a group of friends to eat, then hung out at the restaurant for a while to answer any questions that people had about Proyecto Horizonte.  We had a large number of people come in with flyers, so I'm excited to find out how much we raised!  We should be receiving the donation within a few weeks.
    While nothing compares to actually being in Cochabamba with our friends at Proyecto Horizonte, it's nice to know there are still ways to stay connected!  If you have any questions about hosting a similar Give Back Night, please feel free to contact me!

 Jenna Wolff

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